Want Me to Review Your Product?

meta oreos

Feel free to fill out the form below but keep a few things in mind:

  • I don’t really cover “health food” or weight loss products: I’m more of a whiskey and Oreos kind of lady.
  • If you send me a product for free, I will make it abundantly clear that I received it for free. I’m very transparent about perks.
  • I don’t really cover “National Food Days” because I believe that you should live every day like it’s National Doughnut Day.
  • Similarly, while I do a fair amount of cocktail writing, it usually won’t be something like “X Margarita Recipes for Cinco de Mayo.” I’m willing to try your gin/tequila/rum/really anything, but I can’t guarantee I will like it enough to suggest it in a post.
  • If you’d like to submit a tip for Skillet, please email me at claire.lower@lifehacker.com